Convert XPS Files

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Convert xps files

The XPS format, submitted to ecma International in 2007, is still in review for its own standardization. The format is based on the same Open Packaging Conventions as the Office 2007 OOXML formats--OOXML formats users are currently trying to deal with. Now, while you might have the .docx and .doc compatibility issue covered by now, are you prepared to handle .xps compatibility issues as well?

XPS documents are like the PDF--in order to work with XPS content, you need to convert it.

Here we recommend this XPS Converter for you. You can use it as both a XPS viewer and XPS files converter.

How to Convert XPS Files to other formats

1) Open your XPS file in XPS Converter, you can view them before converting.

2) In the top left of the main interface you can define the output format.

3) At the bottom of the main interface, click the "Browse" button to define the output folder for your converted files.

4) Click "Convert Now!" to begin to convert XPS files.

Look, it's so easy! Convert XPS Files to other documents formats will be as easy as you like. Besides convert XPS files, you can also import other popular documents format for converting.

Main Functions of XPS Converter

Convert XPS to PDF

Both text XPS and scanned XPS can be converted into PDF files. And for making PDF files, more operation are available here. You can add you own text watermarks to indicate the copyright for the converted files. The font-size, font-type, font-color and opacity can all be customized by yourself. For security aims, you can define both owner and user password as well as set restriction from copying, printing and editing.

Convert XPS to DOC, DOCX, ODT, RTF

XPS to Word, OpenOffice conversion is very easy, just load the XPS files you want to convert and choose the corresponding output format then click the convert button. You should note that you can define the output rename type with the presets.

Convert XPS to Image

You can extract image files from the added files, and the same with making PDF files, you can apply watermark for the output image files. You are allowed to select the output image type as JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF when you set the Image as output format.

Convert XPS to HTML

Internet has been a part of out daily life. Sometimes you may have the need to convert some of you XPS files to HTML for sharing on the Web, this XPS converter can also help you. It can convert both HTML and MHT format, you can choose one of them for output. The application may help web developers to lighten their workload.

Convert XPS to ePub

ePub is very popular now which is a very lovely format can be viewed on your iPad, iTouch, iPhone, Sony reader and other ebook devices. The XPS Converter allows user to convert XPS files to ePub ebook format for you to enjoy with mobile device anytime and anywhere. For making ePub files, you can set to save a covert for the ePub and output with the embedded formats.

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