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convert xps to docx

Sometimes, you may have the need to convert XPS to DOCX for editing with your Office 2007 and Office 2010. The XPS is designed by Microsoft to compete with the Adobe PDF which is based on the Open XML Paper Specification. You can view it on the Windows 7 platform, and Windows Vista/XP(more components needed). But if you want to edit a XPS files, you'd better convert it.

Your computer may be boot with the Office 2007 processor. And when you want to deal with XPS files, you'd better convert XPS to DOCX format. Here we highly recommend this XPS Converter to DOCX for you. This converter is powerful but easy to use, with which users can easily convert XPS documents to the Word 2007 format.

Besides convert XPS to Word 2007 DOCX, the program can also make Word DOC, Excel, Powerpoint from the XPS files and so on.

Convert XPS to Docx Features

1. Convert XPS to DOCX and preserve the original layout of your XPS in an editable Word document.

2. XPS to Word conversion options available. The Standard XPS to Word conversion retains the layout and structure of the XPS document so that it is easily editable.  The Forms conversion option should be used when the PDF document requiring conversion has form elements, which need to be converted to form elements in Word. The Frames option helps to retain the exact positional structure of the original document. Finally, the Text option is very useful when you when you want to pull draft language or information from reports

3. XPS to Word DOCX Efficiency and Selectivity. Pinpoint selection ability. Since you can see what you select, there is no need to transfer whole documents or even whole pages at a time. Take one line of text if you want!

4. XPS to Word 2007 conversion is processed at a very high speed.

5. Convert the whole XPS document, a range of pages, one page or a portion of a page, it is your choice!

6. Supports most Windows and Office platforms - 2000/XP/Vista/7/2007/2010

7. Our XPS viewer is included so you can see what you are converting from XPS to Word!

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