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convert xps to html

Why we need a XPS to HTML converter? The reason is simple, we want to lighten our workload of repeating making web pages. Sometimes, you may have the need to convert XPS to HTML files for sharing on the Internet. Some web page making tool may help you to do this, but it is really cost time. Here we recommend this XPS to HTML conversion tool to help convert from XPS to HTML format and MHT format.

Why we recommend this XPS to HTML converter? Because of its batch conversion mode! What is the most important is that it is very easy to use, just three clicks needed to accomplish the XPS to HTML conversion. So it both available for green hand and veterans. Besides convert XPS to HTML, you can also convert other popular documents to HTML format for quickly making web pages.

How to Convert XPS to HTML Files

The operation is very easy for user to convert from XPS to HTML format:

1. Click the "Add Files" to load the XPS files you want to convert, you can view the XPS files before converting the XPS viewer built-in.

2. Click the "To HTML" button of left top of the main interface to set the HTML as output format.

3. Specify the file type you would like to create from the File Type drop-down list like HTML or MHT.

4. Click the "Browse" button to set the location for the resulting files. The default setting will be the My Documents folder.

5. Press the "Convert Now!" button to begin to convert XPS to HTML.

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