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convert xps to text

To convert XPS (XML Paper Specification) to text, you need to open the XPS file, select the contents and paste them into your text editor. The XPS file format is difficult to work with because word processors that can create the format may not be able to read the format. Almost any platforms has a text editor, so save XPS to Text format it one way to read the XPS files. Although copying and pasting is free and simple, the problem lie to the opening of XPS files, and if you have a lots of XPS files need to convert to text, what will you do?

Here we recommend a tool for you - XPS to Text Converter. The program can be both used as a XPS viewer and XPS to text files converting software. The most important is that it is a stand alone application and can batch convert XPS to Text files. People choose this converter because not only its dealing with XPS files but also all the other popular documents format like PDF, Word, HTM, HTML, etc.

How to Convert XPS to Text Files

1. Free download install and run the XPS to Text Converter on your computer.

2. Click the "Open" to load the XPS files you want to convert.

3. With the built-in viewer, you can view the XPS files page by page and zoom to view the details.

4. Choose all or any part of the XPS content you want to convert.

5. Click "File - Convert to Text..." or keyboard "Ctrl+T" to begin to convert XPS to Text.

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