Convert XPS to XLS

how to convert a xps to xls, download free xps to xls converter

Convert xps to xls

If a XPS files contain some forms and your want to edit them, the best choice is to convert XPS to XLS format. When converting a file from XPS to Excel in Excel 2003, there are some intermediate steps to take. Excel 2003 does not automatically convert the XPS files into a file usable by Excel, you need a third party program to help you. This XPS to XLS Converter will be the best choice for you.

The program supply two way to help you to convert XPS to XLS files: Automatic and Custom. The default Automatic conversion option into Excel is recommended for most conversions into Excel. This way is very easy and available for users of any levels. In most cases, this will result in perfect alignment within Excel. The operation is simple and easy to handle.

1. Download free XPS to XLS Converter. Install the software when the download is complete.

2. Click "Open" to load the XPS files you want to convert. You can view the added XPS files and choose part or all the files to convert.

3. Select "Excel" on the top toolbar as the output format.

4. In the pop up window, choose one of the conversion type(Automatic recommended) to begin the conversion.

Convert XPS to XLS options: Automatic and Custom

Automatic - The default conversion option into Excel is recommended for most conversions into Excel. In cases where the “Automatic” conversion results in column misalignments within Excel, the user may want to choose the “Custom” conversion option. The “Custom” conversion option allows the user to designate the columns prior to conversion to Excel.

Custom - This option allows the user to make a manual designation as to where the columns of data will be created once converted into Excel. This designation is made visually by the user prior to conversion to Excel.

When you need the Custom option?

1. The “Automatic” conversion results in the misalignment of data within Excel.

2. The Document data being converted into Excel goes over multiple file pages. This is great for report data that is standardized across many pages.

3. The headers and footers of the document are causing misalignments within Excel.

How to convert XPS to XLS with Custom type?

Per document - Creates a column structure that is consistent throughout the whole document. When this option is calculated, you will not be able to create sections within any particular page of your PDF.

Per page/section - Enables you to specify different column structures per Page or per Section.

After selecting one of the above options, a grid will appear on the document that appears in the XPS to XLS Converter viewer based on the initial string selection. Each of the grid lines above can be adjusted using the left-mouse button.

1. To remove a line, double-click the line using the left-mouse button.

2. To change the position of a line, left-click on the line, hold, and move it to its new position.

3. To add a line, left-click on the appropriate empty space.

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