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XPS to jpg Converter

XPS is an open specification for a page description language and a fixed-document format originally developed by Microsoft. It was said that the XPS was developed to compete with the Adobe PDF format. The format can be made with the Office 2010. Unfortunately, it is not so compatible that if you want to view them you'd better convert them to a image format like JPEG. So a XPS to JPG Converter is very necessary. If you have the need to view your XPS files and batch convert them to JPG format as well as extract image from the XPS. This XPS to JPG Converter is the best choice for you. Beside JPG files, you can also convert XPS to other image formats like GIF, PGN and TIFF.

How to Convert XPS Files to JPG

XPS files are an alternative to PDF files. These Windows-based files retain the formatting of documents sent via email or uploaded onto the Internet. XPS files do not necessarily need to be Word documents and can contain images. However, many image editor programs are not going to recognize the XPS file format. If this is the case you need to convert it to a more popular and widely used format such as JPG (also known as JPEG). Below I will show you use this XPS to JPG Converter to convert XPS files to the JPG formats.

1. Download and install the XPS to JPG Converter. Although there are a variety of different XPS file converters available on the Web, we still recommend this one because we have test it for several times and make sure it is the best choice for you.

2. Launch the converter XPS to JPG program. Wait for the software to load completely, then click and drag the XPS file into the main viewing window of the program. This the directly file adding way, you can also click the "Add Files" button to add the XPS files you want to convert to JPG format.

3. Click the "To Image" button and in the File Type drop down list to select the JPEG as the output format. If you have more than one files to convert, you can define the output rename type from the presets.

4. Click "Convert Now!"button to begin to convert XPS to JPG now. The conversion progress will be shown in the main interface.

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