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XPS to Word Converter

XPS to Word Converter is a software product that dynamically converts XPS files into Word DOC, DOCX formats as well as other formats like MS Office, HTML, AutoCAD DWG, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, etc. XPS to Word Converter works in GUI version which is available for any users. Beside converting XPS files, you can also convert from PDF, HTML, TXT, etc.


1. Deal with XPS, PDF, HTM, HTML and text files;

2. XPS to Word Converter support font embedding, resolution and image compression;

3. Support user defined page sizes;

4. XPS to Word Converter support Asian language characters;

5. Free upgrades in the future for registered users;

6. Word to XPS Converter does NOT need Adobe Acrobat software;

7. Create Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Publisher, OpenOffice, HTML, AutoCAD, Image, etc.

Two options for you to convert XPS to Word.

When undertaking a XPS to Word conversion, you will be prompted with the following dialog box. You will have the option for "Standard" or "Custom" PDF to Word conversion:

Standard - The default conversion option will retain background graphics, as a background image in the converted output, and the textual layout using the layout of the original PDF document for guidance. It is the recommended one because it provide the best looking output for most of the XPS files.

Custom - Enables you to specify various options prior to conversion:

Frames - Selecting the Frames conversion option will result in the converted XPS to Word output retaining the background graphics and layout of the selected pages and items, but with the text appearing in individual text boxes in a new word document. This conversion is ideal for users that prefer to work with text boxes which can be easily moved within a document. 

Forms - The Forms conversion option should only be used with a native PDF document that contains PDF form elements. A PDF Form is a document that was created using PDF Form creation software - a good example of a form element is a box on a PDF that you can type in. The application will identify these form elements and notify you if the document you have selected does not contain form elements within your selection. The conversion to Word will attempt to retain the form elements and transpose them into the closest Word form elements that are available.

Text - The XPS to Word Text Only conversion option will only convert the text portions of selected items.  The text will appear as a standard paragraph without special formatting or text boxes in a new word document. This conversion is most useful when preserving the look and feel of the XPS in Word format is not important, but the user desires easy access to the text information.

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